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Reserved land area


The reserved land area is a document in which the minister exclusively undertakes to grant land rights required for the construction of wind farms on lands in the domain of the State, if bidders have signed sales contracts with Hydro-Québec subsequent to calls for tenders under some conditions.

Among those conditions, a bidder must:

  • Obtain the necessary permits and certificates of authorization;
  • Comply with the harmonization objectives and criteria identified in the letter of intent and the reserved land area application.

Submitting an application

To obtain a reserved land area, applicants must file a request by completing the Application for reserved land area in respect of lands in the domain of the State for the construction of wind farms (PDF Format, 102 Kb). This form must be submitted to the Regional office, along with the following documents:

  • Description of the project developer and partners
  • Project description including:
    • Proposed nominal capacity
    • Total aera required
    • Justification for aera required
    • Proposed number of wind turbine
    • Project timetable
    • Sale contracts of electricity produced from the wind energy or markets concerned by such contracts, or a Hydro-Québec document certifying the signature of a contract with the bidder
    • Business plan for financing and project delivery
    • A site map to a scale of 1:20,000 or more showing the boundaries of the wind park and their location, voltage transformation station, access roads and other projected equipment
    • Digital file of the site map (shp. Format)

The minister reserves the right to request any other documents or information he may deem useful to process the application.


There are no fees to open a file or to examine a reserved land area application for bidders that have signed a wind energy sales contract with Hydro-Québec following a tender solicitation. However, the annual rate for a reserved land area is $4/ha taxable and payable within 30 days following the issue of the letter confirming the reserved land area. Reserved land areas must be renewed annually and kept in force until the land rights required for the installation of all the wind power facilities have been granted in full.

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