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Other terms and conditions


Timber allocation

If wind farms are built on land subject to a Forest Management and Timber Supply Agreement (CAAF) or any other forest management contract or agreement under the Forest Act (R.S.Q., c. F-4.1), the contract holder is entitled to harvest the timber on the land in question.

However, timber may be harvested by the developer upon agreement with the contract holder. In such instances, all commercial timber harvested must be earmarked for the wood processing companies that hold forest rights to the land.

Regulatory provisions

Public lands allocated for wind energy production are subject to regulatory provisions adopted under the Act respecting lands in the domain of the State to the extent that these provisions are compatible with the program.

Regulations in effect regarding forest management in public forests must also be followed (Regulation respecting standards of forest management for forests in the domain of the State [RNI], etc.).


The program does not apply to authorizations and land rights granted for installation of wind measurement instruments, or to agreements on wind farm construction signed by the government, its representatives, and third parties prior to the program taking effect.


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