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Letter of intent


A letter of intent is a document in which the minister undertakes to grant land rights required for the construction of wind generating farms on public land, if bidders have signed a sales contract with Hydro-Québec subsequent to call for tenders under some conditions.

Among those conditions, a bidder must:

  • Obtain the required permits and certificates of authorization
  • Comply with harmonization objectives and criteria identified in the letter of intent and the reserved land area application.

The minister has the power to issue or refuse to issue letters of intent at his discretion.

Submitting an application

To obtain a letter of intent, applicants must file an Application for letter of intent regarding use of public land for the construction of wind farms (PDF Format, 55 Kb, in french). This form must be submitted to the Department Regional Branch along with the following documents:

  • Description of tenderer and partners
  • Project description
    • Projected nominal capacity
    • Total area required
    • Justification for area required
    • Projected number of wind turbines
  • A site map to a scale of 1:20,000 or more showing the boundaries of the wind park and their location, voltage transformation station, access roads and other projected equipment
  • A digital file (shp.format)

The minister reserves the right to request any other documents or information he deems useful to processing the application.


The fees payable to open a file are $26 (plus GST and QST) and the fees payable to examine an application for a letter of intent are $567 (plus GST and QST). If the application is approved, the fees payable for the issue of a letter of intent are $4,528 (plus GST and QST) in 2012. The application fee for a letter of intent is payable by cheque or money order to the Québec Minister of Finance.

Application processing period

Allow at least 60 days for your application to be processed. The minister may, at his discretion, issue a letter of intent or reject the application before the end of this period.

Applications submitted before the program came into effect are valid only from the program effective date and the date the complete application is filed.


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