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Land rental and other rights


Public land is part of the collective heritage of the citizens of Québec. A large part of this territory is set aside for many uses associated with regional and local economies. Management of public land is the responsibility of the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife, who can rent or sell the properties or grant other types of rights to use land.

What is a right to use public land?

It is a right, granted by the government, to use public land for various purposes. It is implemented, for a citizen or organization, by renting land, obtaining a special permission, or any other interest in land.

In Québec, near 45,000 citizens and private or public organizations have a right to use public land:

  • near 42,000 are lessees (28,000 for vacation purposes, 11,000 for shelters, and 3,000 for commercial, recreation and tourism, or other purposes);
  • about 3,000 have another type of right to use public land, such as rights-of-way or authorizations to develop trails.

A few examples of land use:

  • Rental for vacation purposes: a citizen can rent land to build a cottage.
  • Rental for a shelter: a citizen can rent land to build a hunting or fishing camp.
  • Rental for recreational and tourism purposes: a business enterprise can rent land to build an inn for vacationers.
  • Granting another type of right: a snowmobile club can obtain permission to develop a trail.

Furthermore, every year, nearly 300 parcels of public land are sold for recreational, residential, industrial, commercial, public interest, or other purposes. For example, a citizen can purchase land to build a home or a business enterprise can do so to build a sawmill.

How to obtain a right to use public land or purchase land?

Take part in a random draw:

Every fall, the Department holds a random draw for the rental or sale of lots for vacation purposes on public land. To find out about upcoming draws, please visit the page Taking part in a random draw regularly or check public notices in regional newspapers and press releases issued by the Department.

Make a request:

Several other properties may be available; to obtain a right to use public land or to purchase land, you must make a request to use public land.