MERN- Québec Expertise in Land Management

Aerial Photography and Aerotriangulation

Production of Digital Orthophotos

Remote Sensing

Topographic, General, and Administrative Mapping

Geodetics and GPS Technology

Public Land Planning

Delegation of Public Land Management

Management of Land Rights

Development and Operation of Computerized Systems

Géoboutique Québec

Leasing Public Land


Québec Expertise in Land Management


In Québec, territory is synonymous with vastness. Indeed, Québec's territory takes in 1,667,926 km² with seemingly unlimited resources. Thoroughly exploring and developing such a territory therefore represents a significant challenge, which is why Quebeckers have put exceptional effort and creativity into it for quite some time.

As manager of public lands and because of its responsibility for developing knowledge about the territory and its resources, the Department has developed management tools and know-how at the cutting edge of technology:

  • Geodetic networks;
  • Aerial photographs;
  • Digital orthophotos;
  • Remote sensing;
  • Geographc reference foundation for Québec;
  • Harmonizing sage on public lands;
  • Delegation of management;
  • Management of land rights;
  • Application of rigorous quality control standards;
  • Partnership with regions and private enterprise;

All these dimensions of know-how and these management tools enable Québec to adequately manage its territory, enhance its economic benefits, and better respond to the social and environmental concerns of the province's population.

By making use of geomatics and satellites, Québec now has the management models and tools needed for managing its territory from the standpoint of geography and land use. Its recognized expertise has earned Québec an enviable position in North America and the world in these fields.