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Québec public lands represent more than 92% of the province's landmass, that is, over 1,500,000 km². In this regard, the Department has the mission of promoting the knowledge and development of our territory and its natural resources. It intervenes, among other things, in the public land use plan and granting land rights.

Moreover, the Department promotes diversity in the use of public land. Consequently, it grants a number of rights to use throughout the territory for needs related to natural resources development, infrastructure installation, practising leisure activities, and preserving natural spaces. It also plays a critical role in harmonizing activities and mechanisms for joint action between the stakeholders responsible for the development of public land. In doing so, the Department has given itself planning tools so that it can guide interventions and support land development requests in all areas of Québec.

Public Land Use Plan

The Deparment prepares and amends public land use plans with the cooperation of the departments and organizations concerned. These plans aim at ensuring coherency of interventions across the territory. They convey government direction with respect to the development and preservation of land and resources, thereby guiding the actions of gouvernement du Québec departments and public agencies with respect to granting rights or status on public land.

Regional Plan for Public Land Development

The Regional Plan for Public Land development defines the choices to promote in issuing land rights, from the perspective of targeting harmonious development in the use of public land. These regional development plans are carried out with regional communities and government partners that take part in making decisions concerning the use of public land.

In order to facilitate consultation and the land rights planning work of regional representatives of the Department and its many partners, the many land uses have been broken down into sections:

  • Tourism and recreation;
  • Commercial and industrial activities;
  • Public and community utilities;
  • Specific intervention areas;
  • Preservation and protection.

The expertise of the Department with respect to public land planning can be shared with any government or organization interested in the harmonious use and optimal development of its territory.