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In order to ensure the management of nearly 45,000 land rights throughout a vast public territory in excess of 1,500,000 km², the Department has acquired an appropriate work process, supported by a computer system and procedures tailored to the administrative and legislative contexts.

This set of tools enables the Department to manage requests from citizens and companies as well as from provincial-government departments and organizations to use public land. Such requests pertain to a variety of needs for residential, commercial, recreational, industrial, and public-utility purposes.

The Department's know-how is centered on implementing integrated business processes based on technologies tailored to MRNF's and its customers' needs. These technological tools promote:

  • Improving knowledge of the territory;
  • Ensuring coherency of interventions;
  • Processing files from application submission up to issuance of the right;
  • Renewal of rights;
  • Amending land rights.

In addition to processing base data in order to respond to customer applications, the land rights management system produces statistics and generates management reports for rights to use public land. The system is also linked to an accounting system, which contains information about customer accounts. The development and implementation of these management tools helped improve and standardize customer services.

Fairness and Reliability

The Department has also implemented a legislative and administrative framework that ensures the reliability of land rights granted and that guarantees openness and fairness in how they are granted. Rights are granted based on fair and reasonable compensation from the beneficiary. The rates used by the Department in granting land rights are generally based on the principle of market value.

Consequently, in the case of public land used for vacation purposes, the Department reassessed in 2003 the market value base for public land. This new base make it possible to set lease rates so as to respond to customer expectations while maintaining the principle of basing rates on market value.

The Department's expertise with respect to managing land rights to public land can be shared with any government or organization interested in the effective management of land rights granted on its public land.