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Geodetics and
GPS Technology


In order to respond to its needs for positioning within its territory, Québec maximizes the advantages offered by satellite positioning technology (GPS). This is the most recent and effective technology at the global scale.

Over the last ten years, the Department has implemented a highly accurate geodetic network comprising 1,900 points covering the southern portion of Québec. In addition, the 18 permanent GPS reference stations that have been deployed offer modern positioning technology. 17 of the stations provide real-time centimetric positioning capabilities using cellular telephony. Furthermore, calibration bases were erected in Québec's main areas in order to offer users the possibility of checking and calibrating electronic distance measurement (EDM) equipment. The Québec and Montréal GPS validation networks are used to validate GPS survey systems.

The Department has also established a base geodetic network that comprises 57,000 planimetric network points and 22,000 leveling network points. This infrastructure, which consists of the geodetic reference system and the altimetric reference system, is for customers involved in geomatic-related activities, such as mapping, topography, and spatially referenced information systems.

In addition, the Department has more than 35 years of experience in geodetics. Based on its expertise in establishing the geodetic networks using GPS, the Department excels in standardizing, planning, implementing, integrating, and managing all of Québec's networks. The Department distinguishes itself in work organization and supervision, cost assessment, data processing and quality control, conservation, and access to results. Its know-how with respect to planning GPS surveys makes the Department a preferred partner for a great many departments, municipalities, and organizations in Québec. Moreover, many surveying firms in the province also have internationally recognized experience in GPS surveying.

Areas of Application

GPS technology offers a nearly unlimited range of services. Indeed, the usefulness of this technology has already been demonstrated, particularly in:

  • Aerial and marine navigation;
  • Positioning objects and phenomena;
  • Geodetic and aerial surveys;
  • Navigation and vehicle monitoring;
  • Managing natural resources and precision agriculture;
  • Outdoor activities.

The Department has acquired sound expertise related to geodetic infrastructure and GPS technology. This recognized know-how can be shared with any government interested in optimally developing its territory.