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Development and Operation of Computerized Systems



Québec's territory covers 1.7 million km², of which about 92% is public land. This vast territory has significant recreational and tourism potential as well as a wealth of wildlife, mining, forest, and energy resources. In order to harmonize usage of public lands, we had to revise its management and improve ways of doing things by counting on the development and use of new information technologies. This is the challenge that the Department has been able to meet successfully in the last few years.

In response, the Department has developed computerized systems. Among other things, our interactive systems enable to manage land rights and to plan the use and development of public lands much more rapidly and effectively than before. The following provides a glimpse of the systems for public-land management that have made the Department a leader in informatics and geomatics.

Areas of Application

Knowledge of the Territory

The Public Land Information and Management System is a highly user-friendly geomatics tool that primarily allows the Department and its partners to have a shared view of the territory. The system, available through an extranet site, offers users a significant amount of very valuable information for land-use planning. To illustrate, it contains thematic information about resorts, recreational trails, controlled harvesting zones, outfitters, ecological reserves, and archeological sites. The system makes it possible to define the features of each region; reveal the social, economic, and environmental issues; integrate information from different sources; and send, as attachments, annotated thematic maps for discussion.

Management of Land Rights

Land rights are rights granted by the government to use public land for a variety of purposes. In the case of an individual or organization, this means leasing a lot or obtaining specific permission or land right. Nearly 45,000 residents and organizations from Québec’s private and public sectors have rights to use public land. The Management of Land Rights System allows the Department to effectively manage these rights (land leases and description, customer data, invoicing, etc.), whereas the "Loyer d´un terrain public" system offers the lessee the possibility of paying his lease by credit card via a fully secure Internet site.

The expertise acquired by the Department in developing and operating computerized systems for managing public lands can be shared with any government interested in managing land and resources.

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