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Delegation of Public Land Management



Management of public land comes under the Department. It constitutes a strategic role to the degree that land is the cornerstone of economic, social, and environmental activities. Therefore, as the province's representative, the Department promotes the development and versatile use of land and natural resources.

Working to develop public land covering more than 1,500,000 km² means seeing to the development of Québec's regions and the well-being of its communities. Based on the policy for supporting local and regional development, the Department has opted to privilege a management-by-delegation formula to regional authorities. This formula offers the advantage of being able to adapt public land management modes to regional features in order to maximize the contribution of public land to regional development. From this perspective, the management delegation program for intramunicipal public land promotes the economic development, consolidation, and revitalization of the regions and local communities.

Areas of Application

Intramunicipal public lands are Crown property located within municipal limits. They constitute a specific management and resource-development problem mainly because of their reduced area and, in certain cases, the fact that they are enclaves in privately owned land, which impedes access.

In order to respond to the needs of local and regional communities, who are asking to take part in the decisions related to the management and development of their areas, the Department proposed a new management approach for intramunicipal public land. This approach makes it possible to transfer to interested regional county municipalities (RCM) the responsibilities and powers related to:

  • Integrated development planning for the territory;
  • Land regulation;
  • Land management;
  • Forest resources management;
  • Management of protected natural environments.

Delegated management presupposes regional consensus on assuming management and development of intramunicipal public land. It is formalized through a territory management agreement. The expertise of the Department with respect to delegating public land management can be shared with any government or organization interested in optimally developing its public land with an eye towards regional development.