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Mining of surface mineral substances

The Mining Act deals with the management of mineral resources and the granting of exploration rights for mineral substances during the exploration phase. It also deals with the granting of rights pertaining to the use of these substances during the mining phase. Finally, the act establishes the rights and obligations of the holders of mining rights to ensure maximum development of Québec’s mineral resources.


The Ministère des Ressources naturelles has made it a priority to publicize the content of this new legislation along with the procedures that must be followed for compliance. With this objective in mind, four documents are available:

These documents provide mining stakeholders with the necessary information regarding their rights and obligations for each of the subjects.


This publication deals with the exploration and mining of surface mineral substances. Its purpose is to provide our clients about the terms and conditions for granting, exercising and renewing any rights related to these activities. To explore for these substances, the client must acquire claims.



This document has no legal value. The text of the Mining Act as published in the Gazette officielle du Québec prevails at all times.

Rates are indexed periodically.


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