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Mining-incompatible territories (not in force)


The regional county municipalities (RCMs), in their land use and development plans, may delimit mining-incompatible territories in accordance with the Act respecting land use planning and development and with Government orientations on land development.


A mining-incompatible territory is a territory in which the viability of activities would be compromised by the impacts of mining.

Boundaries of mining-incompatible territories

The boundaries of mining-incompatible territories are shown on the map of mining titles published in GESTIM.

Impacts of delimiting mining-incompatible territories

Prospecting, exploration and mining of mineral substances in the domain of the State, situated in areas that may be subject to claims within mining-incompatible areas, are prohibited from the time the areas are shown on the map of mining titles:

  • Prospecting, staking and map designation of claims, mine exploration work and mining operations are all prohibited.
  • Leases to mine surface mineral substances (e.g. sand and gravel) are also prohibited.
  • There is no impact on mining titles already granted or for which applications are pending, except on claims.
  • To renew a claim located in whole or in part in a mining-incompatible territory, the holder is required to carry out work on the land during any period of validity subsequent to delimitation of the territory.