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The claim is the only valid exploration right in Québec. The claim gives the holder an exclusive right to search for mineral substances in the public domain, except sand, gravel, clay and other loose deposits, on the land subjected to the claim.

A claim can be obtained:
  • by map designation, the principal method for acquiring a claim; or
  • by staking on lands that have been designated for this purpose.

The term of a claim is two years. It can be renewed indefinitely, provided the claim holder meets the conditions stipulated in the Mining Act, including the carrying out of exploration work, the nature and amount of which is established by regulation.

The only acceptable method of submitting a notice of map designation for a claim is via GESTIM Plus.

To acquire a staked claim, the applicant must:

  • hold a valid prospecting licence (PDF format, 14 KB);
  • acquire staking tags by completing the appropriate form (PDF format, 19 Kb);
  • obtain prior authorization where required;
  • comply with the staking rules set out in the Act;
  • submit the Notice of Staking within 20 days following the date of staking, accompanied by the required fees, a copy of the official Map of Mining Titles showing the perimeter of the staked land, and a sketch of the staked land duly signed by the staker.

The online publication Claims describes the procedure for obtaining and renewing a claim, along with the requirements relating to the compulsory work that must be carried out on each claim.