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Social Acceptability: A Highly Topical Issue on the Québec Mines Program

Gladys Chamberland
Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

Social acceptability is one of the hottest topics for today’s mining sector. It therefore comes as no surprise to learn that it will be examined from every angle (or almost) at Québec Mines 2015.

Social acceptability: An innovative approach focused on the future

It will all begin at midday on the Tuesday of the Congress, with a lunchtime conference during which Pierre Arcand, Québec’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, will review the work of the social acceptability advisory committee launched at Québec Mines 2014. In a conference entitled Social acceptability: An innovative approach focused on the future, he will consider the committee’s deliberations within the context of northern development.

A partnership venture with First Nations is a unifying force!

On the Wednesday of the Congress, the First Nations of Québec and Labrador Economic Development Commission has organized a day of conferences ending with a networking cocktail on the topic of partnerships. The activity, A partnership venture with the First Nations is a unifying force, fits perfectly into the broader topic of social acceptability and the involvement of communities affected by mine development. It offers an ideal opportunity to meet with First Nations representatives and understand the mining sector from an Aboriginal viewpoint.

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Three conference sessions on social acceptability

Three conference sessions, two on the Wednesday and one on the Thursday, will deal specifically with social acceptability. The session entitled Social acceptability seen by... will attempt to demystify the concept of social acceptability as it applies to mining projects, and to understand what it means to various mining sector stakeholders including industry actors, local communities and Aboriginal communities. The session entitled Social acceptability: Improving the public’s perception of the mining industry, in the form of a plenary session, will consider what the industry can do to benefit from the efforts invested in community commitment, dialogue and transparency in order to improve public perceptions of the mining sector. Lastly, the session entitled Successful mining projects in northern territories will consider the major logistical and social elements that must be taken into consideration if mine development projects in northern areas are to be successful. Real-life examples of projects that have successfully incorporated the social and community aspects will also be studied.

Québec Mines Discovery

The traditional Québec Mines Open Day, which will take place in the afternoon of Wednesday, November 25, is also designed to foster openness and social acceptability by giving the general public an opportunity to enter the wonderful world of geoscience and mine development and discover its many different aspects, challenges and success stories in Québec. Spread the word!

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