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An exceptional showcase for university students

Andrea Amortegui
Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

Québec Mines, the crossroads of geosciences, is an excellent communication platform for mining industry players, government representatives, regional decision-makers, university researchers, business people and the general public. It is also an ideal opportunity to promote excellence among up-and-coming students, which is why there will be two contests for undergraduates.  


For those who enjoy a challenge, Québec Mines will hold a 12-hour marathon during which teams must develop exploration projects that adhere to the principles of sustainable development. At stake: a $3,000 prize provided by SIDEX.


For those who prefer to showcase their research work, Québec Mines will once again host the traditional AQUEST contest, which will award $5200 in scholarships to the winning students.

More details are available on the Québec Mines’ website under the Contest section.

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