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Québec Mines 2015: A variety of short courses for everyone

Andrea Amortegui
Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

Several short courses, on a variety of mining topics led by experts, are offered as part of the Québec Mines program.

For everybody

To raise awareness and encourage the general public’s participation in matters of sustainable development, three short courses have been designed to help people understand the different aspects of mining development. 

Let’s talk about mines!

If you want to learn more about the main steps in bringing a mining project to fruition in Québec, this short course is for you. Every phase of mining development, from exploration to deposit appraisal, and from mine construction to restoration, comes with its own set of technical, administrative, regulatory, environmental and social requirements that will be explained briefly during the session. By the end of the half-day short course, participants will have a general overview of mining development in Québec.

To complement this mining seminar, you can add one of the other two choices below.

Mines and Standards

In this short course, you will learn about the standards governing land occupation and access rights, constraints on mining activity, consultations, authorizations and what must be done to develop an exploration or mining project in Québec. 

Mine restoration 101

Participants will learn the terminology, issues, principles and basic concepts of mine restoration. The challenges the industry is facing, such as acid mine drainage, neutral mine drainage and securement work, will also be discussed. Finally, this short course will also cover the restoration plan that mining companies have to submit and have approved by the MERN in compliance with the Mining Act.

All three short courses will use a straightforward approach to help familiarize participants with the terminology employed by the mining sector and the main steps in a mining project, while addressing the challenges of mining development.

For scientists

Additionally, there are plenty of learning opportunities for members of the scientific community, who are also welcome to attend the Québec Mines training day to perfect their knowledge. A full list of short courses and workshops is presented on the Québec Mines website.


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