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Expand your Québec Mines experience: Join the Québec Mines LinkedIn group

Gladys Chamberland
Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

If you are a regular social media user, you are probably already familiar with LinkedIn, a social network that allows you to connect to professional networks. If you are not familiar with it, LinkedIn is a network that connects you to your work-related acquaintances (coworkers, customers, suppliers). Your profile sets out your skills and expertise, rather like an online résumé. Among other things, it helps you broaden your professional and business circle.

LinkedIn can also be used to create groups. A LinkedIn group is a communication forum for people sharing a specific interest. The Québec Mines LinkedIn group (the in group) is in some ways an extension of the annual Congress. The discussions conducted by the group are related to the program and activities that take place there.

"The Québec Mines in group is in some ways an extension of the annual Congress."

For participants in general, the Québec Mines in group provides a forum for discussion of the scientific, technical and social aspects of responsible mine development. As a member, you can propose subjects for conferences, ask questions about subjects of interest to you, and ask other members for their opinions of the topics covered by the Québec Mines program.

For speakers, the group acts as a virtual conference hall in which to initiate discussions about subjects on the current year’s Québec Mines Congress program. As a speaker, you can briefly present the content of your presentation, post questions for members and start discussions. Members can also comment on the subject of your conference.

For exhibitors who have reserved stands at Québec Mines, the Québec Mines group serves as a virtual exhibition hall in which they can present their products, services and promotions to the group’s members, prior to the Congress. As an exhibitor, your representative (one per exhibitor) can present the things you will be offering at your stand during the Congress (products, services, promotions, contests). As is the case for all the other subgroups, members can interact, ask questions and discuss specific subjects.


Only the designated representatives of exhibitors that have reserved stands at Québec Mines are entitled to promote their organization’s products and services via in group discussions. The group’s rules prohibit all other members from publishing material that could be construed as advertising or promotion.


How to join the Québec Mines LinkedIn group

The rules of the Québec Mines in group

Below are the rules you must follow when interacting with other members, taking part in a discussion or posting comments to the group.
The subjects addressed by the Québec Mines in group should be relevant to the group’s mission, factual, and connected to Québec Mines Congress content or a mining sector trade or profession. Partisan opinions have no place within the group.

All content submitted to the group’s members must be:

  • public in nature, and copyright compliant. It must be suitable for consultation by anyone who joins the page.
  • be connected with the page’s basic mission.

It must not:

  • - contain hateful comments or insults.
  • - convey partisan positions.
  • - contain confidential information.
  • - be an advertisement or promotion (except for exhibitors who have reserved stands at Québec Mines for the current year).
  • - be off-topic.

The group’s moderators reserve the right to remove any content that does not meet these requirements, without prior notice. Members are personally responsible for the form and nature of the content they post. The Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles is not responsible for the content of sites to which links are posted in the group.

We look forward to reading your posts in the Québec Mines in group!

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