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Québec Mines 2015: It’s Nickel!

Gladys Chamberland
Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

The Québec Mines team is proud to present the preliminary program for its annual Congress, which will take place on November 23 to 26, on the theme of “Mines from Every Angle”. The event, richer and more diverse than ever before, touches on every aspect of mining development in Québec. Below is an overview of some of the activities.

More than 100 conferences, training sessions and workshops

As in previous years, the Québec Mines program is divided into three main themes – a format greatly appreciated by past participants.

« Special nickel » program

Nicolas ArndtIn the Exploration section of the Congress, internationally renowned specialists will study nickel from every angle.

On the Monday of the Congress,Nicholas Arndt, from the Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, will give a short course on mafic-ultramafic magmatic systems and their Ni-Cu-PGE mineralizations.

On the Thursday, Mr. Arndt will also take part in the one-day “Special Nickel” super session, along with other experts from the field, including Sarah-Jane Barnes from the UQAC, Michael Lesher from Laurentian University, and many more.

If you're interested in nickel ...

Economy, environment and society

The Association des économistes québécois will once again be presenting a session on the economy and the mining sector. In another session, new options for mining project financing will be examined in detail. In addition, social acceptability, which has become a modern catchword, will be considered from different angles and standpoints, including the standpoint of Northern development.

Mining operations

Various conference sessions under this theme heading will address issues ranging from engineering challenges to innovation in mine restoration, energy use and rock mechanics in land control.

Geologie and exploration

This year, some well-known experts will turn the spotlight on nickel (see the box). However, nickel will not be the only subject on the program. There will also be sessions on topics such as industrial minerals and Québec’s place in this particular mining development sector, mineral deposits in sedimentary environments, and geological innovations in Québec.

Training sessions

A number of training activities will take place on the Monday of the Congress. They will include the session on “Mafic-Ultramafic Magmatic Systems and their Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralizations” given by Nicholas Arndt (attention: the number of places is limited). For participants looking for an introduction to mining development, a generic session entitled “You Said … Mines?” will also be available. In addition, CONSOREM is currently preparing a training session of its own, and Face-to-Face Marketing will once again be presenting its “Triple Your Exhibition Results” session for Congress exhibitors.

A Large-Scale Exhibition: Truly the Crossroads of Mining Development

Nicolas ArndtThe Québec Mines 2015 Exhibition Hall will bring together exhibitors from all horizons, representing every sector of mining development: exploration, mining, research and development, environment, finance, government, and so on. Many companies have already confirmed their presence. Networking and social activities will take place daily in the Exhibition Hall, at the heart of the action.

Be at the heart of the action – Reserve your stand today!

I applied the animation and networking techniques taught by Julien Roy at Québec Mines 2014, and the results were immediately obvious. The training really made a huge difference!”

Pierjean Savard, Conteneurs experts

If you haven’t yet reserved your stand, it’s not too late. Visit the Exhibition page of the Québec Mines website for details, and take advantage of this exceptional showcase to display your products and services.  You’ll be ideally placed to take part in the daily networking activities! Québec Mines 2015 exhibitors can also attend a free training session on the art of stand presentation, offered by Face-to-Face Marketing. Those who took the training last year were very pleased!

Daily Social and Networking Activities

The Québec Mines program includes many social activities, so that participants have plenty of opportunities to meet and talk. Every day, there will be at least one activity in the Exhibition Hall, including the Geococktail, a book launch, and so on. In addition, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum and the Québec Mining Association will host a Gala Evening on the Wednesday of the Congress.

Once again this year, theme-based business and networking activities will be organized by Groupe Misa and 48 Nord International, among others. The themes have yet to be decided, but last year’s highly successful formula is likely to remain the same. Activities will also be organized for mining community actors from Québec and abroad as part of the International component of the Congress.

New elements will be added to the Program in the coming weeks – visit the Québec Mines website regularly for details. We have several surprises in store for you! If you’d like a front-row seat, follow us on the Internet, or on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

You can now register online.


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