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Conference: “Mining Sector Geopolitics: Northern Québec on the World Chessboard”

Université Laval

The Conference on “Mining Sector Geopolitics: Northern Québec on the World Chessboard” is organized by the Forum for Geopolitical Analysis on Natural Resources (FORAGE). Its aim is to raise awareness and provide information for the academic community and actors from Québec’s mining sector (companies, investors, government authorities) on general issues facing the sector. Specifically, there is very little dialogue in Québec on the general geopolitical aspect of mining. The conference is intended to provide an introduction to current problems in the world context, as well as to geopolitical trends in the sector, and to its international forces and actors. Participants will also learn more about the international dynamics of Québec’s Plan Nord. The topics addressed at the event will include American supply strategies for strategic ores, private mining sector dynamics in the current international context, and investments in Québec by Chinese State-owned corporations.

Date : Friday March 13th 2015
Place :  Salle 3A, Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, Université Laval

For further information, and to register: hei.ulaval.ca/colloquemines2015

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