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Gaining a Better Understanding of the Mining Development Process

Andrée-Marguerite Latour
Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

Throughout human history, the use of metals and minerals has been a determining factor in the evolution of our current way of life. Today, more than ever, our quality of life is intimately linked to the use of metals and minerals. We, therefore, actively pursue the exploration and exploitation of the mineral resources that we need.

Exploiting these resources in a responsible and sustainable way involves a multi-stage process called the mineral development process. It’s a highly complex sequence that usually takes place over a number of years. To help participants better understand how it works, the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles will present, in the framework of its annual Québec Mines convention, a training session on the different stages of mining development in Québec.

Mining 101

The Mining 101 training session will be given on November 17. It’s an opportunity for participants to become familiar with the mining sector and its vocabulary as well as discover the main stages in a mining project’s realization. The training will also provide specific information on the legal, technical and administrative aspects of a mining project.

The Québec Mining Act legislates all mining activity in Québec. The training session will discuss the obligations and privileges enjoyed by the holders of mining rights and give an overview of the various administrative requirements inherent in the development of a mining project from exploration through to mine site restoration. It will also look at the multitude of technical and administrative operations related to each of the stages and the legal, technical and administrative interconnections between them.

Moreover, what is the profile of the businesses involved in these stages? What are the unique challenges they face? What assistance is needed and available? How do they measure and what are the factors determining their success? How does a mining company integrate all the various regulatory requirements into the development of its own mining project? All these questions and more will be examined during this session.

To participate, please register on the Québec Mines website.
Cost: $200 (regular rate), $25 for students.

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