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Consultation on 2015-2016 Geoscientific Knowledge Acquisition and Mineral Potential Assessment Projects in Québec

Patrice Roy
Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

To help meet the needs of its various client groups, the Bureau de la connaissance géoscientifique du Québec is launching consultations on knowledge acquisition and mineral potential assessment projects in order to prepare the 2015 program and set guidelines for work in future years.

A questionnaire (in Word format) will be sent out by e-mail in the coming weeks to gather opinions from regional stakeholders and mine exploration industry representatives. If you do not receive a copy, it will be available for download here from November 18, 2014 onwards. Please take a few minutes of your time to complete it and return it by e-mail to before December 20, 2014.

To guide your reflections, we are pleased to present seven maps showing the current state of geoscientific knowledge in the province, plus one map showing exploration constraints:

Map 1. Geological Knowledge in Québec in 2014 (based on the number of documents available in SIGÉOM)

Map 2. Knowledge Map: 2014 Geological Map (years of publication of maps or geological reports [rock])

Map 3. Knowledge Map: 2014 Quaternary Map (years of publication of geological maps [quaternary deposits])

Map 4. Geophysical Survey Coverage (types of geophysical surveys available, 800-metre federal aeromagnetic data)

Map 5. Knowledge Map: 2014 Rock Geochemistry (rock sample density)

Map 6. Knowledge Map: 2014 Till Geochemistry (SIGÉOM) (till sample distribution)

Map 7. Knowledge Map: 2014 Stream Sample (stream sediment sample distribution)

Map 8. Mine Exploration Constraints

We invite you to consult the SIGÉOM interactive map to complete the profile of mining activity and geoscientific knowledge.

We hope many of you will take part in the survey, which is designed to help us meet your needs more fully.

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