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The Electronic Geology Report

Nicolas Bégin, Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

In 2013, the Géologie Québec branch of the Ministry began a major undertaking that will take several years to complete, known as the “electronic geology report” (RGE: rapport géologique électronique). This major project consists of producing and distributing geology reports in a wiki-type website that can only be modified by employees of Géologie Québec.

Existing reports are available as electronic documents, usually in PDF format (paper format in the past), which describe the many facets of the geology of a given area. They have a considerable disadvantage: they cannot be modified once published. The consequence is that 20 to 25 years may go by before a particular report is updated.

“The main problem is that we cannot update these reports once additional information is made available to us by geologists from the Ministry, the industry or universities,” explains project supervisor, Charles Roy, who will work with colleagues Ghislain Roy and Caroline Thorn and a group of geologists. “We cannot modify the information in an existing report.”

The Wiki system will change all that. This web platform offers several advantages, starting with the ease of access to geological information. Other advantages include:


The task of updating geological reports will change the job of a geologist, who will become both author and editor. The geologist will revise the report and integrate information provided by different sources.

“We will retain the intellectual property rights,” added Mr. Roy. “Géologie Québec will still own the published information.”

A geologist will be able to illustrate the material and insert predefined SIGÉOM searches, which would display the most up-to-date information in the database each time they would run. The tables and figures would thus become dynamic elements of the report.

1. Documents (reports, summaries, certificates, etc.) that must be sent to the Ministry to comply with the Mining Act.

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