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A Positive Review of the First Edition

Annie Bérubé, Ministère des Ressources naturelles

The first edition of Québec Mines INTERNATIONAL was a resounding success. This new component, created as a means of presenting Québec’s mineral exploration and mine development expertise, also provided a unique opportunity for Québec goods and service suppliers to network with order-givers, mostly from West Africa.

The program, on the topic of Science - Innovation – Society, addressed issues relating to responsible mine development with a view to achieving sustainability. This theme also helped distinguish Québec Mines INTERNATIONAL from the other international congresses, which were more scientific, economic or industrial in nature.

In all, more than 130 people from 20 different countries took part in Québec Mines INTERNATIONAL activities.

In additional, Québec Mines INTERNATIONAL hosted the first-ever International Forum for Young Leaders in Responsible Mine Development. The 30 participants discussed the main issues of mine development, and also expressed their concerns and discussed potential solutions, based on the principle that responsible, well-thought-out mine development is a way to improve quality of life at the national, regional and world levels. They made a total of 15 recommendations that will be brought to the attention of the Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable (IFDD), a subsidiary body of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), and the Réseau Normalisation et Francophonie (RNF), both of which were partners in the international component of Québec Mines.

Lastly, the Québec Government took advantage of Québec Mines INTERNATIONAL to plan a number of bilateral meetings with international delegations and consular representatives from Burkina Faso, Gabon, Cameroon, France and Russia. At the meetings, participants discussed real possibilities for exchanges of good practices, along with opportunities for cooperation highlighting Québec’s expertise and likely to generate positive economic spin-offs for Québec.

The success of the 2013 edition of Québec Mines INTERNATIONAL will allow us to build the 2014 international component on a larger scale. This not-to-be-missed event will be of interest to participants from Québec and from other countries. Keep an eye on the program!

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