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New at Québec Mines, a collaboration between Québec International and Groupe MISA

Original, creative, productive and focused on results, Québec Seeks Solutions – Mines Edition is a workshop for collaborative innovation and problem solving that brings together business executives and multidisciplinary experts.  

Participants will be able to apply their expertise and experience to solving problems faced by companies in the mining sector, issues that are brought forward by the companies themselves. 

In addition to generating concrete solutions, this meeting will offer an exceptional networking opportunity to all who attend. It will facilitate encounters outside the regular channels and will push boundaries by testing ideas and assumptions. 

What exactly is involved in the Mines Edition of the Québec Seeks Solutions workshop?

Here are seven problems submitted by companies in the mining sector, three to five of which will be selected for study during the Mines Edition of the Québec Seeks Solutions workshop.

Consult these problems on NovaCentris the province’s portal for problem resolution.

The main asset of a workshop like Québec Seeks Solutions is the diversity of the experts involved in problem solving. Their input makes it possible to approach issues from a new perspective. 

You are welcome to participate in Québec Seeks Solutions – Mines Edition even if you are not a mining engineer. Maybe it will be YOU who comes up with the solution that nobody expected!

And even if you can’t solve the problem, you will nonetheless benefit from a tremendously valuable networking opportunity.

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