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Québec Mines 2013: A comprehensive program on mining activity

Gladys Chamberland and Jean-Yves Labbé
Ministère des Ressources naturelles

The Congress organized by the Ministère des Ressources naturelles took a significant turn in 2012, broadening its scope to cover all facets of the mining industry and provide outreach abroad for Québec’s expertise. The ultimate ambition of the Québec Mines team in the coming years is to transform its Congress into the most important French-language mining congress in the world. With its rich, varied and high-quality program, Québec Mines 2013 represents a major step forward towards this goal.

Nearly 75 conferences

Twelve conference sessions are on the program: three on the geosciences and mineral exploration, four on different aspects of mine operations, two that address both exploration and operations, and three on sustainable mine development. In all, the Québec Mines program offers 73 different conferences.

The event begins with a plenary session on the mine development responsibilities of communities, government and the industry. Mayors, State representatives and mining industry stakeholders will be on stage to discuss and debate the subject.

The Conference Program

Plenary Session

  • Mine development: A responsibility for communities, government and industry

The 12 conference sessions

  • The challenges of innovation in the mining sector
  • Results of recent geoscience work in Québec and Canada
  • Evolution of knowledge in the Abitibi Subprovince
  • Geomechanical challenges in Québec mines
  • The new reality in Québec for gold mineral processing: low-grade refractory ores
  • Sustainable development and mines: Real-life experience of companies’ social responsibility
  • Challenges in mining engineering
  • New grinding technologies: finding your way through the maze of words
  • Mines and environment: Achievements, challenges and solutions
  • Quarternary geology and glacio-sedimentary prospecting
  • Sustainable development, the economy and mines: How do we ensure the longevity of the mining industry?
  • Alkaline intrusions: From exploration to rehabilitation

See the conference program


Fifteen training sessions and workshops

Of the fifteen training sessions and workshops on the program, geologists and other scientists have the choice of five that are directly concerned with exploration and two that address the issue from a broader standpoint. Participants who are more interested in mining engineering have the choice of two training sessions, as well as a further two of more general interest. Mine operators can choose from three different problem-solving and discussion workshops, along with an additional workshop that will be of interest to all mining sector stakeholders. Québec Mines provides a wonderful opportunity to obtain further training at an affordable price; the cost of the sessions and workshops ranges from $0 to $300.

The 11 training sessions

  • CONSOREM workshop – Mineral exploration tools
  • The power of geographic information systems for the mining industry
  • Exploring the Grenville Province: The ABC of its geology, deposits and mineral potential
  • Exploring geochemistry: moving beyond statistics towards a deterministic approach
  • Submarine volcanology applied to exploration: VMS and komatites
  • Introduction to metallurgy: Everything a geologist should know
  • Overview of disclosure requirements applicable to mining companies
  • Introduction to predictive control
  • Introduction of new technologies in the mining community
  • Québec’s mining tax system: A new approach
  • The BNQ 21000 Approach: An effective strategic tool to bring sustainable development to your organization

The 4 workshops

  • Optelectronics at the service of the mining industry (problem-solving)
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue on mining
  • Québec Seeks Solutions – Mining edition (problem-solving)
  • Immigrant labour as a potential solution

See the program of training sessions and workshops


An exhibition that promotes science, innovation, government expertise and the supply of education in the mining sector

In 2013, the Québec Mines geoscience exhibition will be rich in discoveries! In addition to the results of the MRN’s geological work in 2013, which will include several new exploration targets, students and scientists from a number of different organizations will present their research results. More than 95 scientific posters are on the program. Ten prospectors will also be present to talk about the findings from their fieldwork. The Government showcase will comprise nearly 20 booths featuring different departments and agencies offering products and services to the mining industry, and the Education showcase will feature the educational institutions that offer programs related to mine development. Québec’s geoscience community, including the Geological Survey of Canada, DIVEX, CONSOREM, plus certain universities and research centres, will also be available to present their most recent research findings.

A gateway to the world with Québec Mines INTERNATIONAL

This new component of Québec Mines has a great deal to offer to Québec’s mining industry firms and organizations, and to foreign firms and stakeholders wishing to learn more about the expertise available in Québec. The program includes two conferences on exports and potential new mining markets that may be of interest to Québec firms wishing to do business abroad. It also includes other conferences on the public framework for mine development in Québec and Québec’s exportable supply of education, for those wishing to learn more about the business and practical environments in Québec. In addition, time has been set aside in the program for discussion and networking.

High-calibre spokespeople

Honorary President of Québec Mines 2013:
Mr. Pierre Lortie

Pierre LortieMr. Lortie has an impressive background. The Honorary President of Québec Mines 2013 is an engineer and economist, and also has an MBA and an Honorary Doctorate. He is a leader in the business community, and a man of the world. He has held senior management positions in both government and the private sector, and has connections with several foundations and agencies in Québec, Canada and abroad. Through his presence and outstanding credibility, he is well-qualified to represent the theme of Québec Mines 2013. Mr. Lortie is a Senior Business Advisor with Dentons Canada LLP.

Read his invitation
Discover his background
See a summary of his speech

An opportunity to present the mining sector to young people and the general public: Québec Mines For All

Québec Mines, through its Québec Mines For All program, is pleased to open its doors to elementary and high school students and to the general public, so that they have an opportunity to discover the mining sector. M4S, the educational exhibition on mining, metals, minerals and materials presented by the Canadian Institute of Mines, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), will once again be a flagship component of the 2013 program. The different steps in the mining process, including exploration, treatment, processing and production, will be presented, and the geosciences will also be showcased. Once again this year, nearly 2,500 students are expected to tour the exhibition, along with more than 800 members of the general public!

Visit the Québec Mines web page to learn more about the activities offered at this outstanding event, and to register!


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