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New Web services for accessing SIGEOM's geoscientific data

Caroline Thorn, MRN

In order to make certain geographic, geologic and mining data more user-friendly and universally accessible, the Ministère des Ressources naturelles has developed, over the past several years, applications that allow even more people to access its knowledge base, whether they are specialists in the field or not. During the Québec Mines 2012 convention, the Ministry will make available new online Web mapping services (WMS) that will facilitate access to the information contained in SIGEOM (Système d’information géominière). These new services will allow users to create and view personalized maps on their computer screens. The accessible data will be grouped by subject (geology, mining activity, deposit, drilling, geophysics, mineral potential) and as many as 18 layers of data can be consulted and displayed on-screen for free (non-downloadable).

The various WMS provided by the MRN will allow you to consult SIGEOM data in real time w hether you use geographic information system (GIS) software (MapInfo, ArcGIS, GeoMedia, Quantum, among others) or a web-based GIS (mash-up application, online solution).

Visit the E-SIGEOM website for more details.

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