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Québec Mines international

François Boutin, MRN

The Québec Mines 2012 convention will bring together key players in the mining field from Québec’s government, institutional and economic sectors. The MRN intends to take advantage of this unique synergy to work with representatives from all three sectors in order to draw up a shared vision for the development of an international component for the 2013 Québec Mines convention.

Invitations have been sent out to various government departments and agencies to encourage them to help design and develop this international component. Workshops have been scheduled to reflect on the best way to lay the foundations for Québec Mines international. The goal is to address four key themes for the mining sector: economic and commercial development, research and innovation, increased institutional and technical capacity, and environmental standards and social acceptability.

There are many possibilities for promoting Québec mining expertise internationally, especially in French-speaking countries. Québec Mines international will showcase this expertise, and also offer a forum for discussions about the current and future challenges facing the mining industry worldwide. Québec Mines international: something to look out for!

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