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Québec Mines 2012: a large scale convention... with a human side!

Joanie Vallerand, MRN

The organizing committee for Québec Mines 2012 is proud to present the event of the year in the mining sector. Focusing on the human aspect with the theme Of mines and men, Québec Mines 2012 will bring together key players in the development of mineral resources in Québec, whether from the world of science, economy, industry, government, business, exploration or mining. It is the only convention that offers a complete overview of Québec’s mining sector.

Participants in this year’s convention will enjoy by high-calibre and densely programmed event showcasing all facets of the industry:

And even more!

Québec Mines 2012 is a content-rich event that will focus on all aspects of mining and the links between them. It will also offer an exceptional showcase for a range of projects, discoveries, and products and services connected with the mining industry, as well as a springboard for future mining specialists, a forum for discussions about topics of shared interest, and opportunities for meetings, networking and business in a friendly atmosphere.

Québec Mines for all

Québec Mines also includes Québec Mines for all, the education, employment and general public component of the convention. Participants from all backgrounds will have an opportunity to discover the fascinating world of geoscience and minerals as they study innovations in the mining sector, meet some of the passionate workers in the field, and discover the importance of the mining sector in their daily lives.

Citizens with an interest in the mining sector, job hunters, students and teacher will all find something to enjoy in this unique event, thanks to M4S, the mining industry careers and job fair, and the open-door day. Visitors, young and old, will be introduced to the Earth sciences, the various facets of the mining industry, and the job prospects in this major field of scientific and technical activity. Over 2,000 elementary and secondary school students will enjoy a free visit to the M4S interactive workshop of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (ICM CIM) and a chance to find out more about the mining life cycle.

A not-to-be missed event!

Québec Mines, Crossroads of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, will bring together everyone with a direct or indirect interest in Québec’s mining sector. This not-to-be-missed event will take place from November 26 to 29 at the Québec City convention centre.

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