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PDAC 2012: the BEGQ's targets attracted attention

Daniel Lamothe,
Bureau de l'exploration géologique du Québec
Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune

Québec’s booth at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention was very busy as soon as it opened due to the interest generated by publication of the results of the summer 2011 lake-bottom sediment survey carried out by the MRNF in the Ungava Orogen. Prepared for the occasion by Charles Maurice and Daniel Lamothe, a promotional document (PRO 2012–03) revealed the existence of 14 areas of interest for gold, nickel, copper, yttrium and uranium. Most of these areas lie in the Orogen’s Northern Domain, consisting of a Paleoproterozoic volcanosedimentary sequence (Parent Group) deposited on an ocean floor (Watts Group) and cut by an intrusive syn- to post-volcanic suite (Cap Smith Group).

A few hours after this publication, the MRNF received about 150 claim applications in the area of target 10 of the document (PDF Format, 3,2 Mb), a large area with anomalous concentrations of copper, silver, gold and mercury. There was a second application for 218 claims in the same area a few days later.

Also released at the PDAC convention were some 70 targets resulting from the project to evaluate the Labrador Trough’s volcanogenic massive sulphide potential for pelitic-mafic associated (Besshi type) mineralization by the author. These targets were obtained by weighting and combining 25 geological and geochemical parameters in a fully automated model designed using Modelbuilder, an ArcGIS application. This type of model allows the user to graphically display all processing procedures and easily modify them as needed without prior programming knowledge. The project led to the staking of about 54 claims located mainly in the central portion of the Labrador Trough (PDF Format, 1,6 Mb).

The results of recent aeromagnetic and spectrometric surveys of the Labrador Trough were delivered at the same time as the other two projects mentioned above. Isabelle d’Amours and Martin Simard published a document for the occasion (PRO 2012–01), revealing the existence of 10 spectrometric targets in the central part of the Trough south of Baie d’Ungava (PDF Format, 787 Kb). Of these 10 targets, 3 were recently staked for a total of 29 claims.

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