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Highlights of Mining in Québec

An improved report for a more complete picture of the mining sector

James Moorhead and Abdelali Moukhsil

After two years of change and numerous additions and modifications to the annual report on mining in Québec, version 2011 comes back with force having:

In particular, you will find the latest information on mining investments, the value of mining product shipments and jobs in the mining industry.

You will also find the highlights of mining in Québec as well as information on all aspects of mining development, among them, the mining system and protection of the territory, the work of geoscientists, mining exploration, mining upgrading and development, mining operation and mining restoration.

Since 2008, the annual report has been available free of charge in PDF form on the MRNF Internet site.

Let us know what you would like to see in the annual report on mining activities in Québec. The redesigning of this essential document will continue in 2012: Do not hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions.

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