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New targets for mineral exploration - Geoscientific work in 2011

Claude Dion,
Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF)

Starting on Tuesday, November 22, Géologie Québec will unveil new exploration targets of economic interest, updated as the result of geoscientific survey work in 2011. The newly-gathered information on these zones of interest has undergone preliminary processing and will be released during the Québec Exploration 2011 convention.

During the survey work, MRNF geologists identified a total of 62 zones where the geological context is conducive to mineral exploration. These zones of interest have not been surveyed in detail, but merit examination by exploration companies.

The 2011 targets are presented in the promotional document PRO 2011-07 and in a KMZ file (Google Earth). They are also accessible via GESTIM (theme: e-SIGEOM (Géologie)).











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