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Québec Exploration 2011

The theme of the 9th edition of Québec Exploration will be “From Knowledge to Discovery”. As the specialists know, knowledge is the driving force behind mining exploration. Thanks to modern technologies and methods, data collected in the field can be used to identify good-quality target areas for exploration, meaning that discoveries can be made more quickly, thereby reducing the costs and impacts of exploration activities.

Québec Exploration 2011 will highlight the importance of knowledge in mining exploration, as the shortest road to discovery! More than ever before, of mining exploration stakeholders and investors will offer an ideal opportunity to meet with other experts and share scientific knowledge.

To celebrate the theme, the conference organizers have prepared a program of speeches on subjects of current interest, including:

Québec Exploration also offers a series of workshops led by recognized professionals and eminent researchers in their respective fields. The subjec ts addressed include geosciences, Geotic software tools, technical standards and information disclosure, and the use of lithogeochemistry.

The Exhibition: An ideal place for meetings and discovery

The exhibition component of Québec Exploration is an ideal place to top up your store of knowledge.

As you visit our commercial exhibitors, you will discover their current and future projects, the latest technological advances, and the full range of products and services now available. The organizing committee is delighted to announce that some of the exhibitors will be closer at hand this year, in a new room (the Le Champlain restaurant) adjacent to the Jacques-Cartier Room, which can also be accessed from the central corridor.

Come and admire the geoscientific posters and learn more about new target areas. Because the 2011 edition of Québec Exploration is focused on the importance of knowledge for discovery, research findings will be a core element of the conference. Every year, research projects led by MRNF geologists and their government partners, research centres and universities, generate many new exploration targets.

Discussions in a relaxed atmosphere

The 2011 edition promises to renew the pleasure of some great classics, including the opening event, several cocktails, the Wednesday Gala Evening (in its new home, award presentations, and a culinary experience with Jean Soulard.

If you take the trip offered by Québec Exploration 2011, you will have an opportunity to visit the Huron-Wendat Museum. The Museum fulfills its educational role and its mission of presenting the history, culture and art of the Wendat people and other First Nations through its permanent exhibition entitled Lands, Memories and Knowledge, as well as a schedule of temporary exhibitions, theme-based workshops and other activities. The tour will be followed by a gastronomic meal at the First Nations Hotel restaurant.

The Open House Day theme: Radioactivity, A Natural Phenomenon

As you probably know, radioactivity is the energy emitted by stardust that fell to Earth many years ago, during supernova explosions and the formation of our solar system. During Open House Day and its related activities, visitors of all ages are invited to discover the different forms of radioactivity in nature.

For further details of the program, please consult Québec exploration website

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