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Québec's new surveys, geoscience publications and exploration targets

Sylvain Lacroix, Jean-Yves Labbé and Isabelle D'Amours

Be sure to pass by Québec’s booth during the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention to learn about the 18 geoscience projects that took place in 2010 and others still underway in the province, as well as the most recent Géologie Québec publications. In addition, new exploration targets and new geoscientific data and publications will be unveiled for the first time! Here is a preview of what’s in store:

The new exploration targets, which will be made public for the first time during the PDAC 2011 convention, are in addition to 91 other exploration targets from last year’s geoscience projects, which were unveiled during the Québec Exploration 2010 convention in November 2010 (PRO 2010-05). Moreover, Géologie Québec has made public about 3,000 exploration targets, identified by updating and reprocessing a province-wide secondary environment geochemistry database that was recently enhanced by re-analyzing some 27,000 lake-bottom sediment samples from the Baie-James region. The locations and descriptions of the exploration targets generated by this reprocessing of geochemical data are available for download in Google Earth format from the MRNF website (maps section).

All the targets made public at Québec Exploration 2010 and those that will soon be unveiled at the PDAC convention are already or will soon be available in Google Earth format from both GESTIM and the Mineral resource maps section of the MRNF website.

Geologists specializing in the identification of geological, geochemical and geophysical targets will be present at the Québec booth to provide details about the new targets and the methods used to identify them.


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