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Québec Exploration 2010: Record Attendance

Gladys Chamberland, MRNF
Direction des communications

Québec Exploration 2010 achieved record attendance with nearly 2,400 visitors and an increase of more than 10% in registered participants over last year. The conference's eighth edition was a resounding success, which confirms the importance of this annual gathering of Québec's mining-exploration stakeholders!


Timely Theme

The 2010 conference unfolded around the theme of Creating Collective Wealth, which is quite timely according to the honorary chair, Sean Roosen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Osisko Mining Corporation. During the press conference kicking off Québec Exploration 2010, Roosen commented that “the sharing of Québec's underground resources is an essential subject." He went to state that "it is important to recall that minerals and metals have no value without the mobilization of scientists and the talent of geologists and engineers, the vision of entrepreneurs, the calculated risks of investors, and the energy and know-how of more 50,000 competent and courageous Quebecers who work in the industry."

Rich Program Content

The conference's program included nearly 50 presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions on themes related to the various aspects of mineral exploration. Some of the main topics included mineral potential in the James Bay region and Grenville Province, financing for exploration, innovation, and the social issues related to mineral exploration.

Each year, Québec Exploration showcases Québec expertise in acquiring and disseminating geoscientific knowledge. The work carried out by the Ministère in evaluating and developing Québec's mineral potential results in significant investments in mineral exploration. This year, nearly 700 new exploration targets—primarily in Northern Québec —were unveiled in what is an outstanding example of creating collective wealth. Mining rights for most of these targets were rapidly acquired, sending a clear signal of confidence in the geological work carried out by the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF).

Multifaceted Exhibition

The exhibition component featured 44 geoscientific exhibitors and more than 115 trade exhibitors, along with 6 exhibitors from the educational field. In short, Québec Exploration stands out as an exceptional showcase for the field's stakeholders.


Each year, Québec Exploration highlights excellence in exploration. During the awards ceremony, the Association de l’exploration minière du Québec presented seven recognition awards, including the prestigious Prospector of the Year, which, in 2010 was awarded to Minéraux Rares Quest for its discovery of the B-Zone deposit. MRNF presented its celebrated Marteau d’or award to metallogenist Claude Dion, with the Bureau de l'exploration géologique at Géologie Québec. The Association québécoise des sciences de la Terre (AQUEST) awarded a scholarship to Anouk Lemieux, a student at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

Successful Open House

On the theme of earthquakes, the open house for the general public proved to be one of the week's highlights, in particular, the workshop conducted by one of the field's bright stars, seismologist Maurice Lamontagne from the Geological Survey of Canada. Visitors both large and small let themselves be whisked away into the fascinating world of geoscience.

Guided tours, encounters with prospectors, highly varied exhibitions, and impressive mineral collections combined to make this day a resounding success.


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