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Québec Exploration 2010

Creating collective wealth! It is under this extremely revealing theme that the eight edition of this important annual meeting will provide updates on mineral exploration in Québec.

An intelligent and audacious program

The organizing committee of Québec Exploration 2010 is very proud to present a program with exceptional quality and a large diversity, widely inspired by geoscientific actuality in mineral exploration. This fascinating program will certainly meet your information needs.

Here is an overview of the conference program, divided in six distinct sessions.

Session 1
Geology and mineral potential in the eastern part of the James Bay region

In the last decade, the vast area extending east of James Bay to Grenville Province has been the site of two major discoveries in gold (Éléonore) and diamonds (Renard). Its mineral potential also appears to be high for other metals and mineral products, including uranium, the base metals, ferrous metals, lithium, rare earth elements and others. The time seems right to review its geological and metallogenetic development in light of historical and recent geological work carried out by Géologie Québec, the universities and the industry.

Obtain undisclosed information on new exploration targets as well as the latest airborne geophysical surveys and discoveries by active exploration companies over this area.

Session 2
Geomatics, a core element of geoscience, exploration and land management

Modern geomatics offers some extremely powerful technology to help manage geoscientific land knowledge. This technology significantly improves geoscientific data processing, land management and mine exploration efficiency. The purpose of this session is to review recent technological advances in the field, and to look at their geomatics applications in the areas of geology and exploration.

A special conference to announce the great technological innovations at Géologie Québec: “SIGEOM 2010 – a version with immediate benefits, oriented towards the creation of a new world…” is part of the program.

Session 3
Are you aware of all the financing sources for your mineral exploration and development projects?

Financing is the nerve centre of the mining industry, and there are many different sources of financing for mineral exploration and development projects, both at home and abroad. Investments can take different forms, some of them conventional, others less so. The different types of available financing will be reviewed in a series of presentations suited to all types of audiences.

This session will delight and surprise you by the diversity of investment examples featured, whether it is Chinese investments, Québec aboriginal community or local funds such as the FTQ fund. Internationally renowned speakers will reveal their secrets.

Session 4
New geological knowledge and mineral potential in the Grenville province

In the last decade, the work done by provincial geological departments in Québec and Newfoundland-and-Labrador, as well as by the Geological Survey of Canada, academic researchers and the industry itself, have greatly enriched our geological and metallogenic knowledge of Grenville Province. At the dawn of a new decade, it is time to review the current situation and present a new image of this territory.

Selected experienced geologists and scientists will expose the results of their recent works on this very promising area.

Session 5
Innovation in mineral exploration

Mineral exploration is based on innovation, and is comparable in many respects to biotechnology and new information technology. What can be done to stimulate innovation in the exploration sector? How can it be maximized? These are the two questions that will be addressed during the session. The exploration innovation ecosystem in Québec and abroad will first be introduced. This will be followed by an examination of the innovation processes leading to the discovery of new territories and the development of new mineral substances by renewed organizations, the development of new gitological models and the use of new exploration methodologies.

This session presents a vision of future exploration technologies. Don’t miss it!

Session 6
Social acceptability of mineral exploration and development projects

In recent years, the mineral exploration companies have renewed their practices in light of the environmental, economic and social concerns expressed by the communities affected by their activities. This session, which is open to the public, will attempt to determine whether the changes made have met the expectations of local communities. Among the topics for discussion will be the task of reconciling the needs of different users and inhabitants in areas in which exploration activities take place.

Speakers will present their experience and straightforward point of view on this current burning hot topic.

Géologie Québec will Deliver Thousands of New Data!

Géologie Québec's geologists have enjoyed a very prolific summer. A total of 24 new maps will be featured. Moreover, promising results of airborne geophysical surveys and new analyses of lake sediments will be announced. Finally, new targets for mineral exploration will be presented.

This exclusive disclosure of this geoscientific data will pave the way for new discoveries.

Québec Exploration 2010 will outshine!

An outstanding conference program, very relevant workshops for geoscientific stakeholders, interactive session you can’t miss to learn all about politics and regulations, an “Open House day” on earthquakes where hundreds of students will "shake" the foundations of the Château Frontenac, social activities that will enchant you, more than 2000 participants, here are in a few words some of the reasons why Québec Exploration 2010 is the place to be.

Do not delay and subscribe now to this meeting that will be held from November 22 to 25 at the Château Frontenac. For more information, visit the Québec exploration website.




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