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Tricks to Locate Information in Québec Mines

Gladys Chamberland
Direction des communications

Are you searching for information on a particular topic and you want to limit your search to MRNF site or Québec Mines? Are you looking for an article published in Québec Mines? Here are some tricks to help you find more easily what you are looking for.

Searching in the MRNF site

The button Search in the upper bar of Québec Mines offers the possibility to search all the ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF) site, which hosts Québec Mines. If the keywords you entered is in any article of Québec Mines, they will appear in the search results.

Searching in Québec Mines bulletins only

By using Google’s search engine, you can find the majority of the articles if you type the topic of your search followed by “Québec”. Moreover, you can limit your search to the Québec Mines section of the MRNF site by formulating your request the right way.

If you type “mineral” in Google search field, the results will come exclusively from the Québec Mines section of MRNF. The syntax of your search is important: you must indicate the keywords, put in a space and then type “”. And you know what? You can use this trick in any other site.

Some tricks you should know to take advantage of search engines

Spelling and word order

By default, most search engines will search for pages containing every word of your search, up to a certain point (32 for Google). They will also do this first in the same order they appear. Moreover, the search engines will search the words exactly how they were entered, errors included. However, they don’t take into account capital letters, punctuation signs such as coma, dot, colon, etc.

Quotation marks

Quotation marks will limit the search to the exact expression. For example, “iron mineral” will produce only pages containing the expression “iron mineral” as put in.

The minus (-) sign

The “minus” ( - ) sign linked to the word you wish to eliminate from the search results allow you to eliminate undesirable results: “mineral –iron” will show all pages containing “mineral”, except those containing “mineral" and "iron".

Number of words

Even if most searches are built from two words, it is recommended to type at least three keywords to better refine your search.


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