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Open House on Earthquakes

Sylvie Otis, Coordinator of the Open Day at Québec Exploration 2010
Direction de l’information géologique du Québec

The Open Day of Québec Exploration is back in the aim of promoting Earth sciences and the mining sector in particular! The topic of this fourth Open Day is “Earthquakes – Cause and Effect”.

This year again, school groups will have guided tours on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. During these visits, they will participate in a workshop with Dr. Maurice Lamontagne, seismologist at the Geological Survey of Canada; they will hear testimonies from people working in geology and the mining sector and will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from mining exploration businesses as well as CEGEPS and universities. Québec Exploration will be opened to the general public on Thursday afternoon.

The Open Day organizing committee has innovated this year by organizing a workshop on earthquakes for elementary 3rd cycle and secondary 1st cycle teachers. This one-day workshop, which was held at the end of September, was aimed at providing learning tools in Earth sciences. Afterward, a scientific contest has been organized for elementary and secondary students where they are invited to explore and discover earthquakes from a geological point of view. They can submit an individual entry in the form of written texts, comic strip, or group entries in the form of models. The winners will be featured during Québec Exploration 2010.

Last year, about 350 elementary and secondary students as well as their escorts benefited from guided tours of Québec Exploration exposition.

To learn more about the Open Day consult Québec Exploration website.





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