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A new Data Bank to Complete the Far North Synthesis

A new data bank named "Assemblages minéralogiques, textures et faciès métamorphiques du nord-est de la Province du Supérieur" (in French only) was published in Summer 2010. This data bank includes petrographic observations realized on nearly 6900 thin sections of rock! These thin sections come from samples collected during the 1998-2003 Far North mapping program.

To standardize observations, the authors observed and compiled all of the thin sections. The data bank will be useful to scientists and explorers who are looking for particular minerals or geological environments within the north-eastern Superior Province.

The data bank can be accessed freely on SIGEOM examine.

GM 64815 -  Assemblages minéralogiques du nord-est de la Province du Supérieur. 2010, LACOSTE, P., and K. N. M. SHARMA, 1 page, 4 tables.

This large scope compilation is a complement of the two following synthesis documents published in 2008:

MM 2008-02 -  Synthèse du nord-est de la Province du Supérieur. 2008, SIMARD, M., J.-Y. LABBÉ, C. MAURICE, P. LACOSTE, A. LECLERC and M. BOILY, 196 pages.

DV 2008-03 -  Lexique stratigraphique des unités archéennes du nord-est de la Province du Supérieur. 2008, SIMARD, M., 107 pages.


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