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Eustis 1 Mining Site Rehabilitation Project Wins Environment Award in 2010 Grands Prix du Génie-conseil québécois

In the 8th edition of Grands Prix du génie-conseil, the firms Les Consultants S.M. and Teknika HBA were presented with the Environment award for their bold concept and approach to rehabilitating the Eustis 1 mining site in Estrie. As the principle contractor in the rehabilitation work, Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF) is very proud of this project, which serves as a model of design, implementation, and sustainable development and dovetails perfectly with the Québec Mineral Strategy.

The Eustis 1 mine tailings site in Estrie, which has been abandoned since 1939, consisted of a tailings mound (which was a source of acid mine drainage) and a spillage zone extending to the rivière Massawippi. In order to reduce the risk of contaminating neighboring aquatic ecosystems with the acid contained in the soil, a containment cell was installed and covered with a unique combination of geomembranes and residual materials from local pulp and paper mills. A wildlife management program has been set up for the rivière Massawippi floodplain in order to increase biodiversity, improve the landscape, and return this site to its previous natural state.

Jean Dionne, the MRNF project manager for this task, is delighted by the distinction. “The award recognizes Québec’s creativity and expertise in the areas of mine site rehabilitation and sustainable development. Solutions similar to those used to rehabilitate the Eustis 1 site can and will offer the same economic and environmental advantages for other sites,” he commented.

The site during rehabilitation work
The site after rehabilitation




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