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PDAC 2010

Québec Promotes its Mineral Potential and Invites Participants to Explore the Future

Once again this year, MRNF’s mining section will be well represented at the 2010 edition of PDAC, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s international convention, trade show, and investors exchange. PDAC is the biggest mineral exploration event in North America.

Québec will have the third biggest stand of the 1,000 exhibitors attending the trade show. A team of generalists and specialists will be on hand to discuss new mineral exploration targets, available support for the industry, tax incentives, everything pertaining to mining restoration, and many other topical subjects.

Conference-goers will be able to search our databases, get the latest information, and even acquire mining titles using our computerized systems.

On the program: a special session on the Abitibi geological region

Géologie Québec is delighted to be part of the geoscience conference program. A special session on the Abitibi geological region will be held in the morning on Tuesday, March 9. This special session, chaired by Phil Thurston (Laurentian University, Sudbury) and Sylvain Lacroix (Géologie Québec, MRNF, Val-d’Or), will feature seven lectures on local and regional assessments of known base metal (copper, zinc, and nickel) mineralization in the vast and rich Abitibi geological belt. Jean Goutier and François Leclerc, geologists with Bureau de l’exploration géologique du Québec, will give two talks presenting new developments stemming from the geological work carried out over the last five years by a large network of geoscience partners (Géologie Québec, Ontario Geological Survey, Geological Survey of Canada), university researchers, and the mining industry under the TGI-3 program (Targeted Geoscience Inititative, Abitibi Project), and the Copper Plan.

A Sneak Preview of Two New Geophysical Surveys

At PDAC, Géologie Québec, in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Canada (GEM Program) and the Newfoundland and Labrador Geological Survey, will unveil two new aerial geological surveys east of Schefferville. The surveys, which were coordinated by the Geological Survey of Canada under the GEM Program (Geomapping for Energy and Minerals ), cover 25 NTSC maps in the Lac Ramusio (NTSC 13L05, L12, L13, 13M04, M05, 23I08, I09, I16, 23P01, and P08) and Lac Attikamagen sectors (NTSC 23I05, I12, I13, 23J07 to J10, 23J15, J16, 23O01, O02, O07, O08, 23P04, and P05) located east and west, respectively, of the recently published aeromagnetic survey (DP 2009-04). The new surveys include magnetic and spectrometric data collected at a flight altitude of 90 m along lines 200 m apart.

The data will be published simultaneously by the three government partners:

Tangible Presence of Direction générale du développement de l'industrie minérale

Direction générale du développement de l'industrie minérale will also attend the PDAC this year to present its support program for mining companies. The program provides assistance in obtaining the permits, certificates, and rights required for carrying out mining ventures in Québec—from the exploration, development, and mining stages right through to mine restoration—in keeping with sustainable development objectives.

Showcasing our Partners in the Mining Industry

To showcase its partners in the Québec mining industry, MRNF will share its stand with its long standing partners in prospecting, geoscience research, and exploration.

Drop by and see us at the PDAC! The coffee’s on us!

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