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Mining Highlights in Québec

A revampe report for a more complete picture of the industry

James Moorhead, Patrice Roy and Pierre Doucet
Géologie Québec

The annual Report on Mineral Exploration Activities in Québec has gotten a facelift! From now on, it will be called Annual Report on Mining Activities in Québec and will present a more complete overview of the mining industry. The new report will discuss all aspects of the industry, from claim designation to mining site rehabilitation. In addition to the usual sections on Géologie Québec’s geoscience work and mineral exploration, the report will also contain the following chapters:

Mining highlights : a summary of the highlights and main subjects covered in the report.

Mining regime : new developments and basic principles of mining taxation and the mining rights regime, notably Bill 79, An Act to amend the Mining Act.

Land protection: protected areas and limits on mining activities

Mining: a detailed overview of mineral development and mining projects

Mine rehabilitation : an overview of rehabilitated mining and exploration sites

These new chapters will supplement those found in previous versions of the report:

The annual report is available free-of-charge in PDF on the MRNF website:




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