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Economic Impacts of Géologie Québec's Geoscientific Work

A document on the economic impacts of Géologie Québec’s geoscientific work will be unveiled at Québec Exploration 2009. In this document, Géologie Québec compares the amount it spends on gathering geoscientific data with the industry’s exploration costs.

The document shows that Géologie Québec’s regional mapping work precedes private investment, and enables more effective targeting of potentially interesting areas and exploration targets that justify substantial exploration investment. The Data Géologie Québec and the industry collects are archived in Québec’s geoscientific database SIGEOM and are available to the public at large. Based on the data stored in SIGEOM, Géologie Québec produces mineral potential maps showing unstaked exploration targets. Since 2005, these maps published by Géologie Québec have been giving a short-term boost to the number of mining title claims and increased the potential for discovering new deposits in underexplored regions.

For more information, consult: Measuring the Economic Impact of Geoscience work by Géologie Québec (PDF Format, 1,42 Mb)

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