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Industrial Minerals and Gemstones in the Web

To encourage the diversification of mineral exploration in Québec, MRNF has set up two Web sections on industrial minerals and gemstones (in French). You’ll find a wealth of information on various minerals, their properties and uses, types of deposits, geological potential, exploration, development, and market outlooks.

The industrial mineral section went online in March 2003. The first fact sheet dealt with barytine, and since that time six additional fact sheets have been added. The talc, steatite, magnesite, and brucite fact sheets produced in 2004 were the fruit of a partnership between MRNF and SIDEX. The fact sheet on diamonds was completed in 2006, and three more have been produced in 2009 on six industrial minerals:

A new section on precious, semi-precious, and ornamental gemstones was inaugurated in 2009. The fact sheet on diamonds, previously available on the industrial mineral section, was transferred to the gemstone section.

Over the next year, four new fact sheets—on lithium (spodumene), apatite, feldspaths, and kaolin— will be added to the industrial mineral section. A fact sheet on emeralds will be included on the gemstone section.

Québec Exploration 2009

A session on industrial minerals entitled "Industrial Minerals: At the core of mineral diversification in Québec" will be presented at Québec Exploration 2009 in the afternoon on November 25, 2009.



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