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2008-2009 Geoscientific Program

Sylvain Lacroix and Jean-Yves Labbé,
Bureau de l'exploration géologique du Québec (BEGQ), Géologie Québec

For 2008–2009, Bureau de l'exploration géologique du Québec has a $9 million budget with which to carry out geoscientific projects aimed at understanding, promoting, and developing Québec mineral potential. Through these efforts, we will pursue our Plan cuivre and undertake the many secondary regional geophysical and environmental geochemical initiatives that were added to the list of geological projects and studies carried our across Québec during the summer of 2008 (PDF Format, 2,3 Mb).

In the Baie-James region, the LG4 reservoir will be the subject of a vast aerial magnetic survey covering forty NTS sheets on a scale of 1/50,000—twelve of which will also be covered by spectrometry. This survey comes on the heels of the aerial magnetic survey carried out in 2007–2008 between the Opinaca and LG3 reservoirs. These two aerial magnetic surveys combined will cover a triangle defined by the Renard (diamond), Éléonore (gold), and Coulon (zinc-copper) advanced exploration projects.

In Grenville, a new lake sediment survey will cover the area between the Val-d'Or, Chibougamau, and La Tuque municipalities. The survey aims to identify new exploration targets in the Grenville area parautochthon, where we may find structural and geological units like those found in the lower Abitibi region, where base and precious metals abound. The sector east of Sept-Îles will also be the site of a major project reanalyzing lake bottom sediments in partnership with Corporation de promotion du développement minéral de la Côte-Nord.

A seismic reflection survey will be carried out in the Appalaches region's Rimouski sector between the Saint-Simon and Saint-Joseph-de-Lepage municipalities. The area's potential for hydrocarbon and Mississippi Valley type metals (Pb-Zn-Ba) will then be investigated. These types of deposits have been discovered in hydrothermal dolomite reservoirs in the United States and Ontario which were similar to certain geological features found in Québec. In the Gaspésie region, a project for the reanalysis of river bottom sediment will cover a part of the area east of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

These sample will be added to the many inventories and geological studies carried out in the area during the summer of 2008 and whose results will be available at Québec Exploration 2008. The conference will also be an opportunity to present two surveys carried out in 2007–2008. The first is an aerial magnetic survey of the Baie-James area, and the other is a geochemical lake bottom survey carried out north of Sept-Îles. A new project evaluating the copper porphyry mineral potential in the Baie-James area will also be presented.

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