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Special publication from Géologie Québec

FORTHCOMING at Exploration Québec 2008

In November 2008, the Department will publish Géologie des ressources minérales by professors Michel Jebrak and Éric Marcoux.

Géologie des ressources naturellesThis work, written entirely in French, is intended for beginning and experienced geologists who want access to the most factual information possible on the various types of mineral resources. Readers will find concepts of metallogeny that shed light on the various types of deposits. With this better understanding of the mineral deposit genesis process, geologists will be better equipped for their exploration work.

The authors discuss all mineral resources because they are all a result of the same geological process.

The work focuses more on metallic ore, but also has passages on industrial minerals, organic energy resources (oil, gas, coal), and quarry materials. Each chapter presents several examples of current environments, chosen as much as possible from the world's French-speaking countries to provide readers with familiar contexts. The book is richly illustrated and packed with tables to improve readability and deliver a maximum of information.

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