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New publications from Géologie Québec

In the coming months, Géologie Québec will publish a number of reports detailing the results of the work by the geologists at Bureau de l'exploration géologique du Québec. Summary of the geology of the northeastern part of the Superior Province

Here are the main titles forthcoming:

  1. A major summary of the geology of the northeastern part of the Superior Province. This work, which will be published in the "MM" Prestige Document series, is the outcome of a major investment by the gouvernement du Québec in northern Québec between 1997 and 2003.

    Please note that there will be a special launch for this book at Québec Exploration.

  2. Four documents in the "PRO" series (promotional documents)
    • Targets for the model of porphyritic Cu-Au-Mo deposits for the Baie-James sector
    • Mineral deposits in Québec (update)
    • New mineral exploration targets stemming from MRNF work in summer 2008
    • Results of a lake sediment survey conducted in the Côte-Nord region in 2006

  3. Two documents in the "Geology 101" (GT) series for students and the general public by the end of next year
    • The main events that occurred in Québec in the geological time
    • Simplified, annotated geological map of Québec

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