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The best mining policies in the world!

The Fraser Institute's 11th annual international survey of mining companies put Québec in first place worldwide in the 2007 ranking of policy environments for mining investment.

This exceptional ranking is due to the nature of Québec's mining policies, which the Institute has qualified as “the best in the world”. Québec's mineral potential, described by the Fraser Institute as “the best in Canada and the second worldwide” is also a major contributing factor.

Thanks to this perfect performance, Québec is well ahead of Nevada, Chile, Mexico, Western Australia, Brazil and Russia. On the Canadian scene, Québec also outstripped Manitoba, Yukon and British Columbia.

This recognition has contributed to Québec's mining investment boom. In fact, in the past few years, resource prices have been high and opportunities to expand have abounded. In addition, mineral exploration expenditures topped the $385 million mark in 2007. That kind of performance had not been seen in 20 years.

Following publication of the results on February 28, 2008 , the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife, Claude Béchard, said that he was particularly pleased that this international ranking was obtained in parallel with efforts made by the gouvernement du Québec in terms of sustainable development and respect for the environment.

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