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Nearly 170 new targets are released
at Québec Exploration

By Daniel Lamothe, Marc Legault and Patrice Roy

The Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF) took advantage of the 5th edition of Québec Exploration to release 167 new exploration targets. These targets were defined based on a potential assessment for orogenic gold deposits in the Baie-James region and on fieldwork conducted in 2007.

Gold potential in the Baie James region

The unveiling of 102 targets with strong gold potential, last November 27th during Québec Exploration 2007, generated an immediate flurry of interest, which translated, in the hours following the release, into requests for nearly 250 mining titles covering about twenty targets. This highly positive response was maintained in the following weeks, as more than 500 new titles covering 33 targets were registered as of January 1, 2008. The simultaneous release of the gold potential map in both GESTIM and the MRNF website has certainly been a determining factor in this success.

These 102 targets were defined following the integration of georeferenced digital data extracted from the MRNF’s Geomining Information System (SIGEOM). Data within the study area, relating to 28 geological parameters associated with the presence of orogenic gold deposits, were weighed, combined and validated to delineate a number of high-favourability zones for gold. The location of these targets, which represent the unstaked portions of these zones as of November 1, 2007, was published in PRO 2007-06.

An updated version of the map and the targets, integrating new 2007 mapping data, will be unveiled during the next Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention. A description of the data processing, accompanied by an Access database describing each target, along with maps at 1/250,000 and 1/50,000 scale showing the gold potential of the Baie-James region, will be published in March 2008.

Targets defined following fieldwork

For the first time this year, Géologie Québec released a promotional document (PRO) listing all targets of economic interest identified during its geoscience projects carried out in 2007. These targets were essentially defined based on field observations and correspond to zones where the geological setting is favourable for mineral exploration. A total of 65 targets are grouped into three categories:

  1. - point targets measuring less than 100 metres;
  2. - local targets between 100 metres and 1 kilometre in size;
  3. - regional targets greater than 1 kilometre in size.

The location of these targets and a brief description in table form are available in the document PRO_2007-04.

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