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The Québec Mineral Strategy

Preparing the future of Québec's mineral sector

By the end of 2007, Québec will, for the first time in its history, have a comprehensive strategy for the mining sector. To develop the strategy, the government invited citizens, groups and businesses to get involved in the public consultation that ended on October 27, 2007.

A forward-looking strategy

The Québec Mineral Strategy will propose five challenges that need to be faced in preparing the future of the mineral sector and positioning it in a market where competition is worldwide:

  1. Discovering new deposits
  2. Strengthening the industry's competitiveness and maximizing economic and social spinoffs
  3. Attracting new talent and training the workforce to meet the industry's growing needs
  4. Protecting the environment and ensuring harmonious integration of mining activities into the host environment
  5. Involving the regions as well as Native communities and the Inuit in current and future development.

An exciting vision

Québec is already reaping the benefits of rising metal prices, growth in mineral investments, significant geological potential and a workforce known worldwide for its know-how.

The gouvernement du Québec is therefore proposing an exciting vision of Québec's mineral sector, its potential for development and what it can do to ensure long term growth and economic spinoffs.

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