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Québec Exploration 2007 is inviting the public!

November 29th
Starting at
12:30 p.m.

Québec Exploration is issuing a special invitation to the public—especially young people—to meet its exhibitors, attend speaker sessions or take part in the interactive session on the role of geosciences in sustainable development and ecosystem preservation.

General public and investors component

Mining industry stakeholders realize that the public still finds the field of mineral exploration very mysterious. The organizers of Québec Exploration 2007 have therefore decided to get actively involved in demystifying the mineral world for the general public. Visitors will be able to attend several workshops, visit the trade show and the geoscience exhibit, and take part in the Exploration/Investment Forum. The Forum provides a unique opportunity to hear about the most recent recommendations and forecasts by mineral investment specialists and to attend several presentations by mineral exploration and oil and gas exploration companies and service providers.

Educational component

The mineral industry is currently experiencing a significant shortage of qualified workers, despite very interesting salaries and a context highly favourable to mineral exploration in Québec. Investments in the industry are at a record high, and there is no sign of any decrease. However, young people are hesitating to opt for this exciting, adventure-filled career. This may be due to a lack of publicity and information and to a negative view of careers in the mineral sector in the academic community.

Québec Exploration is therefore proud to inform school groups about mineral exploration. This is the ideal opportunity to present the industry’s role and make young people aware of the many careers available in the mineral sector. On the agenda: mineralogical exhibition, diamond workshop, geology for everyone, and more!

In attendance:

The Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune
The Geological Survey of Canada
The Association minière du Québec
Laval University
The Canadian Diamond Business Development Center
And many companies!

Guided tours will also be organized for school groups.

Let your friends and coworkers know about this activity. Admission is free!

The day’s schedule is available on the Québec Exploration 2007 Website.

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